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Color Diamonds, Origin Of Color Is Important 

Enhanced And Natural Color Diamonds, Differ In Value And

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With the growing number of color diamond jewels being seen across the globe, some people are looking for answers. A known fact is that, less that more than 95% of all diamonds mined are of the white (colorless) variety. Diamonds in color like yellow, orange, blue and green are extremely rare. Diamond miners might come across diamonds with these color about once or twice a year! It is a known fact in the world of gems and diamonds that, the rarer a stone the more expensive it is. This is for the supply side, a glance at the markets show fancy colored diamonds at modest prices. And the more glaring thing is that, diamonds in colors other than white seem to be quite common. This surely does not make much sense when the biggest portion of diamonds mined are colorless (white).

If you ask a jeweler whether the color diamond set in a jewel is natural, he will surely answer YES. And that is true in one respect, however to get nearer to the truth you will need to ask another question. The diamond itself is natural, it has been mined from the earth and was not fabricated in a factory. However what is equally relevant is the source or origin of the color on the diamond. When we say that colored diamonds are very rarely found in natural form, we mean that the color has derived naturally. This is NOT the case, for MOST of the color diamonds that you will come across.

Diamond experts have devised various forms of treatment to enhance the physical properties of the stone. One of the enhancements that can today be performed on natural diamonds, is color enhancement. There are other treatments that can be applied to diamonds too, fissure filling is a treatment that enhances the clarity of the diamond. What we are talking about in this report is color diamonds where, the color is derived through some form of external treatment. We have to be honest here, natural diamonds with color flaws or even diamonds that are heavily included are selected for such color enhancement treatments. Basically there is no point in taking a fine white diamond and treating it to a blue color - the treatment will only reduce the value of the diamond in this case.

Let us presume that you have a diamond, that is an off white color, it is not a very pretty color but the diamond is otherwise fairly clean and pretty. If the diamond dealer tried to sell that diamond as it is, chances are that it would take a substantial discount on the price. This is because the flaw in the color would be quite clearly visible. In this case, a color enhancement treatment might be able to turn this diamond into a gorgeous yellow diamond. The color in the enhanced yellow diamond would be more uniformly spread across the stone. The entire color enhancement process for diamonds, is done in a very sophisticated laboratory under stringently controlled conditions. Another clear advantage of color enhancement in this case would be that, the value (sale price) of the diamond would also be enhanced.

From the above paragraph, something becomes very clear and that relates to, the selection of the diamonds to be treated for color change. Yellow color diamonds are in the lighter color range, the insides of the stone will still be quite clearly visible. If you look at blue color diamonds, blue color diamonds, dark brown color diamonds and ofcourse, black diamonds - you will notice that the darker color shades, do not make it easy to look through the stone. In this case the diamonds to be color enhanced, can have medium to heavy clarity flaws due to the presence of inclusions. An extreme example will make this explanation much clearer. A very big proportion of black color diamonds that you come across, will be black color enhanced diamonds. The dark color of these stones, makes it possible to use very highly included natural diamonds that are, almost opaque.

Let us talk about the pricing and value of enhanced color diamonds. It would be quite right to say that, diamonds with a natural color are more valuable (also more expensive) as compared to colored diamonds that have color derived through external treatments. Within color enhanced diamonds, remember that the clarity of the diamonds selected to be treated can differ. The price of treated color diamonds, will thus vary from piece to piece. Most black treated color diamonds have very low clarity to begin with, you can therefore understand that their price will not be very high. On the other hand if you see a treated yellow color diamond with nice brightness and glitter - it would mean that the diamond was originally quite good in terms of clarity. Some color enhanced diamonds command higher price points as compared to others. For example, pink color diamonds are rare even in the enhanced color category, you will therefore most likely pay a premium price for them.

What we at Directstones would like to make clear is that, there is nothing wrong in buying color enhanced diamonds. The presence of modestly priced treated colored diamonds in the gems and jewelry market, has inspired many talented designers to create truly stunning jewels with color diamonds. Without the invention of these advanced diamond color treatment processes, colored diamonds would be priced beyond the reach of most budgets.

The issue that raises a lot of interest is the proper disclosure regarding diamond color by the seller. When a jeweler or diamond provider sells a color diamond without any disclosure, it is presumed that the both, the diamond and the diamond color are natural. The tricky thing is that, most diamond and jewelry providers do not disclose that, the diamond color was derived by some treatment being applied to the diamond. If you thought that this was no big deal, you might end up paying the price of a natural diamond with natural color for a natural diamond with enhanced color! This would be quite sad, and is something that is not very rare.

So it is true that jewelers often do not disclose facts about enhanced diamond color to the buyer. Our support team is often asked whether it is possible for the buyer, to get color diamonds tested to determine the source of the color. Before 2001-2002, no diamond testing laboratory actually knew about the color treatment for diamonds. It was around that time that, color diamonds with enhanced color were introduced in the market. However, things have improved since then and most reputed gem and diamond testing services, can today identify the source of color in diamonds. But things are not that simple when it comes to testing fees for testing color diamonds. The point is that there are various levels of testing diamonds, the fees per stone tested move up as the level of testing moves us. If you did a basic diamond test, the report would only tell you that the stone was a natural diamond and had a color - important information related to the source of the color would not be available. And if you did want a more thorough diamond test report to identify the source of the color on a natural diamond, the fees can be as high as 150 U.S$ to 300 U.S$ per piece of diamond tested. The implications of the high testing fees are interesting. If you had a ring with a center gemstone and a yellow color diamond of size 2.5mm round on either side - the cost of testing one of those diamonds (full test report) would most likely exceed the cost of the two diamonds in the ring!

If you have read and understood the above information related to color diamonds, you will realize how important it is to select the right diamond or jewelry provider when buying loose color diamond or jewelry with colored diamonds. Most jewelry buyers spend several days, weeks or even months selecting jewelry designs and gem colors - but when it comes to choosing a jeweler a rather quick selection is made without evaluating various factos involved. Do not be in a rush to select a provider, we would suggest that even if you planned to buy something from us. Work with a jeweler that makes you feel comfortable, and cares for your needs.

This report is compiled in the public interest by the experts at Directstones. While we do undertstand the feelings of reputed jewelry and diamond providers who do not feel it appropriate or necessary to educate buyers on such issues, we feel that the buyer has a right to know the truth. A purchase made with complete information works to the advantage of everyone. Though the jewelry trade might not agree with this, the longterm effects of providing factual information to buyers, does work positively for the gems and jewelry trade too. Do write to our support experts at  sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or doubts related to gems and jewelry. There is no need to make any purchase from us, so do go ahead and get the benefit of our expertise.  

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